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November 2022

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Lightroom Mod Apk – Lightroom Mod is a smartphone application that is perfect for editing photos to make them look more attractive. This application itself in it has features that are very supportive to produce excellent output.

An editing application that has full features, of course, you really need. Because good photo editing is almost important nowadays. Because it’s a shame to fill out social media posts if it’s not polished first. That’s why you will really need this kind of app.

Now by using the lightroom mod, you will be able to produce output that will not disappoint. Because this application does have features that really support you to edit photos properly.

For that you need to know a few things first about this application so that it is not stiff when using it. We will also provide a download link for this application to you in the same discussion this time.

Lightroom Mod APK is included as a highly recommended mobile application. This application can be used to edit photos to make it look more attractive. Coupled with its very supportive features.

So that it can produce more quality and perfect output. There are many features that can help to meet all the needs of its users. This advantage is what makes this application quite discussed on social media.

Besides having many excellent features that are not possessed by other editing applications, this modification application also has points that can be an advantage that can be used as consideration.

Well, it can be said not much different from the Kinemaster Pro and Alight Motion Pro applications. So, this Lightroom application really puts forward features with cool effects, various types of fonts and others. To find out more details, you can read the following explanation.

Here are some explanations related to the lightrom mod application.

Lightroom Mod Apk Application Review

As we mentioned earlier that lightrom is a photo editing application that has lots of cool features in it.

This application itself is a modification of the lightrom or adobe photoshop lightrom application which is designed for use on smartphones.

That way you no longer need to use PC software to produce good photo editing, but only from a cellphone can compete with the PC software.

For this reason, you need to make this lightrom mod application your choice to polish the photos that will be uploaded to your social media accounts.

We highly recommend this app due to its features which we think are worth a try. Because by maximizing its features, you will certainly produce photo edits that are in the same class as PC software.

Features In Lightroom Mod Apk

Because this is a mod application, of course there will be various additional features in it that you will not find in the original version of Lightroom. By using these features to the fullest, your patilah will produce very cool and interesting edits.

Therefore, you need to know first what features this application has so you don’t get confused later after installing the lightroom mod application on your device.

This editing application has many very cool features so that the results of the modification really look maximal. Lightroom Mod is an application resulting from modifications that are deliberately designed specifically so that it can be used for smartphone users.

In this way you don’t need to use PC software so you can produce interesting and good photo editing. Although it can be used via cellphone, but for all the features embedded in it all can be used. Like the software on the PC.

For the Lightroom Modification application this modification can be used as an option to polish the photos that you want to upload on social media. This application is highly recommended because it is equipped with features that are worth a try.


Finally, the Tone Curve or pattern works directly from the Lightroom application, its use allows to darken objects or also to brighten depending on the desired spot.

How to take advantage of this feature is to reduce the graphics or also add curves for photos that look brilliant according to individual tastes.

Black & White Color

This feature is very interesting, because with this feature you will create an atmosphere in the photo like the 90s. This feature is often used during the recent viral old school photo trend.

Because with this feature you will be able to make the color of the entire photo you edit to black and white only. So it will be very suitable if in the frame you use old school outfits.


ISO is an editing feature that allows you to export photos with high resolution. That way the output of this application will allow it to compete with photos from digital cameras.

That way, even if the photos you take are only through the smartphone camera, they will still be satisfying in terms of results.

Vignette is a condition where the edges of the photo are underexposed so that it will look darker. Although this is considered a defect from taking photos, sometimes it can also be intentional for artistic purposes or to make it look more aesthetic.

Well, you can also find this feature in this lightroom mod application. That way you will be able to make the edges of the photo darker so it looks cooler.

Optical Adjustment

With this feature, it’s the same as using the optical features on a digital camera. Where you will be able to repair some damaged parts of the photo and beautify photos taken with fish eye mode so that they look more symmetrical.

Split Toning

Split toning is a method that you can use to apply various overall colors to the photo you are editing. With this feature you will be able to make edits that feel colder or hotter if you apply red or blue.

Maybe this will be difficult to understand if you don’t use it directly. Therefore you need to use the lightroom mod application in order to understand it.

Spot Removal

The spot removal feature in lightroom mod is a feature that allows you to remove some objects in photos that you think are less attractive. Usually this feature is used to beautify photos such as removing black spots, acne and smoothing the face.

So it’s as if you are using the beauty feature but manually. Of course this will produce a more satisfying photo.

Download Lightroom Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

You will not find Lightroom Apk Mod on Google Playstore or Appstore, but there are only sites that share them for free the mod version. Well, for those of you who want to download the Latest version of the Lightroom Premium Mod application, you can click the download link that is already available below.

After downloading the application, do you understand how to install it? So the application made by Adobe Group in the installation is different from the others, OK just follow the steps below.

How to install lightroom mod apk

For the installation process, it can be done in several specific ways which for this modification application can certainly not be available on the Google Play Store. For this reason, you must give permission from the source unknown before the installation process is carried out.

The following are steps to install on Lightroom Mod Apk including:

  • Please enter the settings on the smartphone.
  • After that, select the security menu click each different device, the location of security and privacy is also different.
  • Then turn on the unknown source permit section.
  • If you can then go to the File Manager menu.
  • The next step is to open the folder section
  • Then then look for the APK file in the Lightroom Mod application that you downloaded before.
  • The last step you just click File
  • Then click
  • The process is complete.

If the application installation process is directly running, then you can wait until the process is complete.

How to use lightroom mod apk

The process of using this lightroom application is not too complicated. So you can download files, either through a smartphone or through a computer. Even you can also directly use it. The steps that can be taken are as follows:

  • You can open the Lightroom Mod application section first.
  • If there are some dialogue displayed on the start page, then you can skip step
  • Then login the account.
  • Then all you have to do is click the cross mark on the upper left corner.
  • Automatically on the home homepage appears a series of icons.
  • You can start by clicking the image icon at the bottom right.
  • Next you just choose the photos in the gallery to start the editing process.
  • Wait until the import process is complete 100%.
  • If the photo is on the veranda then you can directly start editing photos.

That’s all we can convey about the latest version of the Lightroom APK MOD MOD application for 2022 free forever because Lightroom Pro is premium. Hopefully with a review from the ocean can be useful for everyone. Thanks.

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